Twisted front tee short sleeve:        $23 plus ship     

Designs to choose from when ordering play dresses and tunics are the whales, echinacea/dragonflies, owl, turtles, egret, bees, monarch butterfly, tree of life, calypso orchid, flowers, dolphins, and ocean floor. These each have matching mandala prints. When ordering shirt styles with no front prints (twisted front tees), you can pick out any mandala you would like to be put on the back in white or black.

 Asymmetrical 3/4 Sleeve Tunic:     $33 plus ship

Sleeveless Long Sundress:           $40 plus ship                     .

                Sleeveless Short Sundress:          $35 plus shipping    ship= $6.00       

                   Asymmetrical Sleeveless Tunic:    $30 plus ship                                                             

If you wish to have no prints on your garment or only the front, or only the back deduct $5 for the mandala on the back, and $9 for the block print on the front. If you'd like none at all just deduct $14 total from the price.

*Please take note that this website is new and under construction! Thank you!

Twisted front 3/4 length sleeve:         $27 plus ship

Color Blends Available:  1-Purple blend (purple, blue, turquoise)  2-Blue blend (blue, turquoise)  3-Teal blend (teal, blue, aqua)  4- Aqua blend (aqua, teal, turquoise)  5-Lilac blend, (lilac, lt. blue)  6-Fuscia blend (fuscia, lilac)  7-Red blend (lt. red, coral) 8-Coral blend (coral, yellow)  9-Yellow blend (yellow, bronze)  9- One color of your choice and the white of the garment. Another way to communicate your wish is pick out a garment from the galleries that you like and I will dye to match!  I will get as close as possible but the results vary because this is art and each one is different and unique to itself.  We can discuss any details so I can adjust, such as the dye patterns and how much white in the blend. Some patterns are tied and some are just blended soft tones.

My website is set up to have the chance to basically design your garment with the colors and which designs you want on the fronts/backs.  I show the mandalas that match up with the front prints and then you can decide if you'd like a lighter shade garment color and black print, or darker shade colors and white prints. The clothing galleries have a variety to pick from.

Short Sleeve Play dress:          $40 plus ship