Bunchberry Mandala

Echinacea/Dragonflies Mandala

Pre-Columbian Ingot 2

Celtic Mandala

Sun/Moon Mandala

Bee Mandala 

Tree Of Life Mandala

Leaves Mandala

Celestial Mandala

Native Sundial

Wheel Mandala

Butterfly Mandala

Egret Mandala

Lizard Mandala 

Turtle Mandala

Flower Mandala

Calypso ​Orchid Mandala

Mandala Listing :

Whale Mandala

Owl Mandala

Triangles Mandala.

​Dolphin Mandala

Pre-Columbian Ingot 1

​Garden Mandala

When ordering twisted front tees, here are the mandalas to choose from for the backs, either in black or white prints. You may also want to order a dress or tunic without a front print and just a mandala on the back.

Monarch Butterfly