3- Coral, pink, slate

Shown 1-  Cobalt, slate, sapphire

Egret Design

1-                             2-

Additional color blends:

Calypso Orchid

  2- Teal & cobalt

Echinacea & Dragonflies

Additional color blends:

Owl & Moon

Dolphins Design

Daisy Design

Here are my designs and color blend options with matching mandalas on the backs.  All are interchangeable with the styles.

Ocean Floor Design

Teal & Grey                                      Lavender & Sapphire

1-                                           2-

4- Teal & lavender

Available color blends:

Bees & Crown

3- Teal, sapphire, turquoise

 3-  Cobalt & slate

Sleeveless Mid-calf  Play Dress

Short Sleeve Short Play Dress

Tree of Life

*Front and back of dresses shown

Previous years designs listed:        * Other dress styles below

  4- Sapphire & teal

               1-                             2-

Shown 1-Turquoise, cobalt, teal                                  2- Sapphire & Lavender

Shown 1- Lavender, turquoise, teal

Available colors blends:

Sleeveless Play Dress

Available colors blends:

 2- Cobalt & pink

Additional color blends:

Lt. Sapphire & Lavender

Monarch Butterfly

Whale Design

4- Sapphire & turquoise

Butterfly Design

Other Dress Styles: