I use the most durable dyes that hold their color, and the images are permanent as well. Please follow the care suggestions on the back of my tags which recommend hand washing the first time or so to check for residual dye that can run out, before adding to your regular wash load. Then machine wash gentle and you can tumble dry on medium or low. Every year I carve new designs to offer at my shows. You can find all my images, styles and color blends online now, so you can design your dress or shirt anytime. I appreciate your business and hope you enjoy your purchase!  Thanks, Amy Adams                                                                      

Art Show Schedule 2016

This summer I will be participating in "Art Flare Northeast" on May 21st & 22nd at 3223 Fillmore St NE, Minneapolis. This is part of the Northeast Minneapolis Art 'O Whirl and you can google the information about the event which has live music. Then I'm at Stillwater for "Rivertown Days" on June 4th & 5th, next is Lanesboro "Art In the Park"  June 19th.  I'll then be going to Duluth to participate in the "Park Point Art Fair" June 24th & 25th. On July 9th I'll be in St. Paul at St. Catherine's University doing the "Art at St. Kate's" show.  Then way up in Ely MN,you'll find me at the "The Ely Blueberry Festival", for July 24th, 25th & 26th.

Welcome to the Sundiale Designs website. I will share with you a bit about myself and my wearable art. I am a Northeast Minneapolis artist, and have been doing wearable art for about 26 years, and participating in art shows and festivals since 1992. I started hand paining clothing and now dye and print on cottons.  I  have a BFA degree, and have chosen to work with fabric because it gives me the opportunity to create rich blends of color that flow much like watercolors. Each garment is a one of a kind piece, kind of like snowflakes, all dyed by hand.  Imagine yourself wearing something that you know, no one else in the world has, of that exact thing!  Also I do not have employees, I carve all my designs and dye each garment myself.  The images are my original designs which I carve out of linoleum, then print by hand with fabric paint.  I'm inspired by the beauty of nature and find mandalas an interesting way to accent the backs of my clothing.